Privacy/HD Screen Protector for Samsung S22/S22+ with Easy-install Box

Privacy/HD Screen Protector for Samsung S22/S22+ with Easy-install Box

A Privacy/HD screen protector film for Samsung S22/S22+ made by us Mohave will protect your smartphone and make it durable. What’s more, we put the films on our easy-installed box which can provide convenient for you to install the films. With this magic box, the installation process is like having a buff, which greatly increases the success rate and make the installation process fun.

What’s the Features of the Screen Protector for Samsung S22/S22+ ?

Display 3 for Samsung S22 protective film with Mounting box

Display 1 for Samsung S22 protective film with Mounting boxDisplay 4 for Samsung S22 protective film with Mounting box

3D Curved Surface Specially Designed for Samsung


The ceramic screen protector is manufactured with a 3D curved surface process to cover and protect the entire screen the display. With Precise cutting and unique 3D curved full coverage cutting technology, it protects your phone screen in all directions. What’s more, we  considerately leave space on the four sides of the screen for a protective case.

Easy-Install & Environmental friendly

The auto-alignment screen protector box for Samsung S22/S22+ allows you to easily install the screen protector for Samsung and promote your installation experience. Moreover, the mounting boxes are manufactured from food grade plastic which is easy to degrade. And we can reuse the easy-install box many times, which is very friendly to the environment. For the detailed installation process, please scroll down.

100% Support Fingerprint Unlock

We use professional unlocking materials to make this protective film. Therefore, it perfectly support fingerprint unlocking. Reloading the fingerprint after installation will keep the original comfortable touch experience. Also, the new adhesive-backed design, make you no need to worry about the screen protector coming off.

What’s in the box?

  • An Mounting Box
  • 2 pcs Screen Protector
  • 2 pcs Cleaning Kits

Easy-install Screen Protector Box Instructions


Installation of


Watch the installation video on Youtube


Weight N/A

for S22 Privacy, for S22 HD, for S22+ Privacy, for S22+ HD


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