Premium 3D Curved Screen Protector with EZ-Installed Box for Galaxy S21 Ultra(White Box Type)

Experience unmatched protection for your Galaxy S21 Ultra with our nano-ceramic screen protector. Elevate security with seamless fingerprint recognition and effortless installation. Upgrade now for premium defense!

Unmatched Screen Protection and Elegance for Your Galaxy S21 Ultra


Tailor-made for Galaxy S21 Ultra

This screen protector is specially designed for Galaxy S21 Ultra. And it boasts a nano-ceramic coating. It can not only shield your device from scratches but also offer a glass-like touch. Therefore, you won’t worry about bumps or scratches.

Two Options to Meet Different Needs

1. HD Clear:

This type of screen protector elevates your device’s display with ultimate clarity and great protection. It guarantees a crystal-clear view. Thus, it allows you to enjoy the colors and details of your Galaxy S21 without compromise.

2. Privacy:

Conversely, we also produce a “non-clear” protector, the privacy one. To conclude, the primary advantage is enhanced privacy. In detail, it uses specialized technology that limits the visibility of the screen to users who are directly in front of it. Thus, this helps prevent curious glances from neighboring individuals, especially in crowded places.

Fingerprint Unlocking Supported

This screen protector for Galaxy S21 Ultra supports fingerprint unlocking perfectly. Since we produce it with professional unlocking materials. And it is attached to the phone screen without any gaps or bubbles, so it will not affect touch sensitivity. Thus re-scan your fingerprint after application, it will maintain the original comfortable touch experience.

Hassle-Free Screen Protector Installation

Our Galaxy S21 Ultra screen protector is indeed expertly engineered to work harmoniously with most phone cases, ensuring you can enjoy full protection without sacrificing your personal style. It effortlessly adheres to the curves of your screen, ensuring full coverage. Moreover, installation has never been easier with the blue box. Since the feature of the alignment ensures a perfect fit.

What’s in the box?

Easy-install box1
HD/privacy films2
Cleaning kits2

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HD Clear, Privacy


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